Hard Hat Color Code

Protection At Construction Sites

You can easily recognize construction workers thanks to their professional gear that they have to wear every time they work. Why is this so important, and what is so distinctive about their gear? Well, oftentimes, we can see that workers are not actually all dressed up in pretty clothes, but they always wear those orange or yellow vests that are seen from a long distance. The reason behind this is that simply they need to be seen, in case of accidents, potential hazards, or similar. Also, the average person then knows that he or she should not bother that worker.

One of the most important parts of the gear is a hard hat, which is proven to save lives.
Hard Hat Color Code allows us to recognize the parts of the construction site, based on the color that workers wear during shift.

Hard Hat Color Code

For instance, we can clearly see that one construction site is parted in several categories, and workers in one part wear a yellow hard hat, while workers that work one floor above wear a white hard hat. The color allows us to know exactly what is going on at that moment. For instance, if a worker works with high voltage machines, or performs some actions that have a high threat, then he will wear a red hard hat, which indicates just that.

With Hard Hat Color Code, we can instantly tell the type of work that is going on in that field, and every profession wears a unique set of colors. Hard hats save lives, without doubt, and you should not allow your workers to be on the construction site without one. Visitors are also in obligation to wear hard hats.